Comper Care Outpatient Physical Therapy with Michael Black DPT

What We Do

Balance and Fall Prevention

Balance and Fall Prevention treatment begins with “righting reactions” for loss of balance recovery in the standing position. That includes ankle, hip, stepping and reaching strategies. Standardized tests can be incorporated to illustrate specific deficits, and education is also a big part of what we do here.

Post Operative Rehabilitation

Physician communication is used to optimize quality of care in addition to manual therapy for gentle promotion of reduction in pain and muscle guarding to safely reintroduce movement without unnecessary or excessive force. As flexibility returns, strength follows, and we strive to restore physical performance to your prior level or better.

Pain Management

There are so many dimensions to effective pain management. The best approach starts with education, which can involve reviewing the inflammatory and nervous system responses. It can include gradual loading and avoiding catastrophic thinking. Physical therapy exercise prescription can be research based or philosophical and vary significantly between physical therapy clinics and between individual clinicians. I will review all of those things as they pertain to the specific patient on a case-by-case basis.

Prosthetic/Orthotic Training

Prosthetic training takes place in stages. Everything from gel liner and skin hygiene, to residual limb remodeling and daily wearing schedule progression, to pylon length and gait analysis are essential components of our rehabilitation. Brace recommendation is also a common occurrence at our clinic, for a variety of diagnoses including neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions.

Spine Rehabilitation

The spine is divided into cervical, thoracic and lumbar sections. The top is an attachment to the skull or capitus. The bottom is an attachment to the pelvis. We provide rehabilitation for everything in between, including injury, post operative as well as strength analysis and training.


Our dizziness analysis begins with a medical screen and is followed by physical maneuver assessment nystagmus detection to determine which exercise prescription is right for you.


Geriatric rehabilitation involves increase knowledge of disease and understanding the physiology of aging. This also requires an understanding of a shift in exercise prescription. For example, agility training for a young athlete may involve sports specific plyometric drills; however “agility” can be tailored on an individual basis to the task of fall prevention, reduction in joint impact and reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness, as well as customized to decrease complexity and increase compliance.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy has been present in allopathic and holistic medicine, in the United States and the world, for a very long time. There are approaches that propose to influence soft tissues including muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and fascia. There are entire professions based on repositioning spinal joint as well as cranial and sacral alignment. I discuss all of these strategies openly in my clinic based on the individual, how they present, and what questions they have.

Our physical therapy clinic is here for you